2015 Burgundy

Hi All,

I’ve tasted several hundred 2015 Burgundies over the past couple of weeks and they are very good.  The reds are probably a little better on balance and they are more consistent across appellations.  Is it a great vintage for the reds?  I would say very nearly.  Prices are higher again, probably as high as they’ve ever been for EP wines.  This is due to continued increasing demand for good Burgundy and the Euro being higher vs. the Pound.

The problem is that they don’t make very much of the stuff….!  A barrel here, a barrel there and there are more people wanting the best wines every year.  Allocations are down, prices are up, it is a good year, and everybody wants it.

It is not like Bordeaux where they make thousands of cases of the best wines.

But are things getting a bit out of hand…?  Especially when there are very good wines of similar quality already in the market.  Most of the 2015’s haven’t even been bottled yet.  There were plenty of complaints about the barrel samples sent to London.  Critics and wine writers agreed that many of the samples they tasted in Burgundy were significantly different from wines they tasted in London.  What will the wines actually be like when they are bottled..?

Buying good well priced back vintages seems like better value and a safer bet.  You’ll have a much better idea what you’re getting and you can drink them much sooner…;o)  Look for good names from 2005, 2006, 2009 & 2010 in reds and maybe 2007 if you like a lighter style for drinking now.

With whites it is much easier to buy top wines from good producers in back vintages that are ready to drink now and are very cheap compared to current releases.  The issue is more about stylistic preferences.  If you like big classically styled whites with great depth and balance, look for 2005, 2008, 2010 & 2012’s.  For richer more voluptuous styled wines 2006 & 2009 are probably a better bet.  And for the more ascetic among you, try 2004, 2007 & 2011 for crispy, minerally and structured whites.

People have become so obsessed with the pre-mox issue that they don’t even look at great value white Bugundies that are beginning to approach maturity but probably still have many years of enjoyment in them.  Sure, there is some risk but I think the problem has been overblown by the media and wine lovers are missing out as a result.

Be Brave!  Buy back vintages.  You’ll get more for your money and be glad you did.