2016 Burgundy – Prepare to be disappointed

The 2016 Burgundy EP season will kick off this week – Prepare to be disappointed.  There simply isn’t enough to go around.

Despite numerous difficulties with the 2016 growing season – frost, hail, flooding, mildew, rot, etc.  I’m hearing that some very good wines were made here and there, but there isn’t very much of it.  Some vineyards were nearly a total write off.  Others had dramatically reduced yields and made very little wine.

Global demand for good quality Burgundy continues to grow.  Hugely reduced availability means that allocations will be minuscule or non-existent.  I can’t see prices falling either, so why bother?  Why not buy back vintages that represent better value.

Most people who have re-tasted the 2006 reds over the past two years have found them to be better than originally thought and surprisingly approachable.  The 2006’s were originally overshadowed by the magnificent 2005’s.  The 2006’s are generally bigger, deeper, richer and more structured than the 2005’s and perhaps lacking a bit of the latter’s beauty and technical correctness.  For those of you looking for the legendary, powerful red Burgundies of old rather than the more ascetic offerings of late, perhaps the 2006’s are a good place to start.  I have found many of the wines to be sumptuous, rich and lovely.  They are also seriously good value compared to recent vintages.

Grand Cru & 1er Cru whites were even more problematical in 2016 and many producers have very little good quality wine to sell.  Prices for the top wines will be astronomical and you probably won’t get any decent allocations anyway.

For example: the UK agent for Jadot had only a few cases each of Jadot’s top 2016 whites for the whole of the UK.  They are gone and at what price…?  Look back a few years at the 2012’s, 2011’s and 2009’s and there are great wines around at much more sensible prices.  These wines are probably still too young to drink (depending on your tastes) but you will certainly be able to drink them before the 2016’s…  If your taste runs to more mature white Burgundy, there are some truly wonderful 2004’s, 2005’s and 2006’s in the market, which are just approaching maturity.  Yes, there have been some pre-mox issues but the rewards far outweigh the risk in the mid-market wines, and probably up to Grand Cru levels from good secondary producers.

We have good quantities of very high quality red and white Burgundies ranging from 2002 to 2014 in stock at sensible prices and available straight away.  Give me a ring or drop me an e-mail to discuss your requirements.