Greatest Wines in the World – For the Money!

Lafaurie-Peyraguey & Yquem 2018 08 23

Lafaurie-Peyraguey & Yquem

Sauternes are the Greatest Wines in the World – For the Money!

I’ve just finished a bottle of 2000 Lafaurie Peyraguey and it was delicious.  I had some with ice as an aperitif, some with foie gras, some with spicy asian food and a little bit with some cheese for afters.  It was very sad that there wasn’t any left to drink on its own or with fruit at the end.  What an incredibly versatile wine.

This wasn’t a great year, just great wine.  The 2000 vintage in Sauternes is considered pretty average by most critics but the wines are still extremely drinkable.  The wines are almost always good in Sauternes because of the care, attention and effort that goes into making them.  Tiny yields, harvesting grape by grape, passing through the vineyards several times to get the grapes at their absolute peak.  Hoping for that strange combination of warm, humid ripeness that allows Botrytis (Noble Rot) to transform the grapes,  Allowing the magicians of Sauternes (the wine makers) to create these incredibly concentrated, sweet, beautifully balanced wines with just the right amount of acidity.

Most people who say that they don’t like sweet wines haven’t tried good Sauternes.  They’ll be thinking of mass produced cheap wines (made from grape juice and sugar) for sale in pubs or supermarkets in the 1970’s & ’80’s.  Unfortunately, the world’s great sweet wines get tarred with the same brush.  There are good sweet wines being made all over the world but Sauternes are easily the best value and they are ridiculously cheap given the amount of work that goes into making them.  You can buy very good Sauternes from top producers for between £20 and £30 per bottle In-Bond, check my list for a few examples.  These are wines that regularly get scores in the mid-nineties from the top critics.  Compare that with top sweet wines from practically anywhere else and I think you’ll agree that these are the best wines in the world for the money.  Try some, you’ll love them, and they go with almost everything.