Majestic Musigny

Dufouleur Musigny

Dufouleur Musigny labelLe Musigny is one of the greatest and most highly prized of all Grand Cru Burgundies and one of my favourites.

Clive Coates says: “Le Musigny is one of the very greatest climats in the whole of the Côte D’Or, one of a handful which includes Chambertin and Clos-de-Bèze, La Tache and Romanée-Conti.  This is majesty itself. And if one is thinking of its texture and character, the queen rather than the king. The other four can fight among themselves for the role of consort.”

The Dufouleur family owned vines in Le Musigny for more than 100 years but sold them to Faiveley in 2015 due to inheritance problems.  It was the first sale of vines in Musigny for many years.  This is great terroir, sandwiched between Vogue & Roumier, see map below (Vogue 7, Dufouleur 3, Roumier 1, Jadot 2 & Faiveley’s old plot 10).

Dufouleur’s Musigny has been one of the great bargains of Grand Cru Burgundy at around £200 per bottle IB.  It was made by Philippe Dufouleur until 2011 and by Marc Dufouleur from 2011 to 2014.  Production was allocated between two branches of the family, so it appears with two different labels – Dufouleur Freres, run by FX Dufouleur & Tramier & Fils, owned by Laurent Dufouleur, but it is the same wine.

Faiveley’s acquisition of the Dufouleur vines and production in 2015 means that there will be no more bargain Musigny from the Dufouleur family.  Faiveley’s Musigny will not be cheaper because they have just trebled production.  The 2015 Faiveley Musigny seems to trading at around £3,500 per bottle.  Where do you think prices will go…?

I was fortunate to acquire a few cases of Dufouleur’s Musigny direct from the Domaine and I am pleased to offer, as follows.

Vintage Size Wine Producer Price £
2014 6x75cl Musigny Grand Cru Dufouleur Freres 1,200.00
2013 6x75cl Musigny Grand Cru Dufouleur Freres 1,100.00
2012 6x75cl Musigny Grand Cru Dufouleur Freres 1,250.00
2011 6x75cl Musigny Grand Cru Dufouleur Freres 1,050.00
2009 6x75cl Musigny Grand Cru Dufouleur Freres 1,500.00
2008 6x75cl Musigny Grand Cru Tramier et Fils 1,200.00


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